Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Weather Station - part I, sensor shield

Hi! I've been away for some time, but still doing things, just not publishing them as regularly as I would like to...
Well, but getting back to work , using some vase plates, of good plastic (they do not break when drilled) I managed to create a sensor shield, using 7 small plates, 2 bigger plates, 3 spacers like the ones on the right image and 3 screwed bars of 15 cm each. Drilled a big hole in the middle for a plastic tube on 6 of the small plates, leaving the big ones untouched  and on of the small ones. The objective is to create an insulated, rain free area inside the plates.
So, I have plastic plates, which the sun will possibly warm up during summer, but they are spaced allowing the air to flow and the sensors are inside an acrylic tube which is made of a rather different material preventing the warming up/cooling of the inside, hence, better isolation.
You can see on the left an almost finished view with a large plate, some small plates, a spacer and the acrylic tube. The finished piece is downside. It'll be painted on a more neutral color, like white or pale grey (I have a bottle of paint spray with this color, so why not use it? :D ).
The next step is to seal the upper and bottom holes with mosquito net, to assure I don't get unwanted guests inside, and then I'll wire cable from the arduino Mega box (possibly CAT5e which I have lots of spare meters) to connect the 2 (planned) sensors inside, a BMP085 barometric pressure and a HIH-4030 humidity/temperature sensor.
Afterwards I'll need another shield like this one for the luminosity sensor (hasn't arrived yet). A piezo will also be used to detect the rain intensity. The wind vane and anemometer will use a different housing.


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