Saturday, April 27, 2013

Arduino DIY SD shield

Well... I got tired of having the arduino connected to the PC to have a logger, so did some search and ended up with this shield, it uses a micro SD card to SD converter, which is soldered to the board as you can see on picture, the components are easy to find, and they are used to low down voltage from the arduino pins (5V) to something near the 3.3V which is the correct voltage of the SD card. The red cross in the picture means you have to interrupt the circuit on those points, otherwise you would be short-circuiting the resistor. The numbers on the right (10,11,GND,3.3V,13,X,12) are the pins in the arduino board, 3.3V and GND I suppose you know what that means, and X is not connected and is used to align the plug, avoiding upside-down connections.
You can see on the left the final look, without the microSD card adapter:
And on the right side, the final look, already with the adapter soldered.



Spoiler alert: DO NOT try to connect the card directly to arduino pins, without this voltage divider, you will damage the card!

Based on this shematic.

Test file here and another one here.

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